Terracotta Diya Making

The Shelter Workshop initiative operational since 2012, is a promising road ahead and is giving hope to the PWDs. We have 3 trades in it –Tea Packaging unit, Paper Bags project and Terracotta Diya making project.

Terracotta Diya Making project is a major initiative which not only brings happiness into the lives of PWDs who make it — but also spreads the light of prosperity, illumination and brightness into the homes of people who buy it.

Team Digdarshika is involved in the marketing end of this project of tender craftsmanship, while manufacturing is executed by persons with disabilities. The entire staff of Digdarshika puts its time, energy and effort in promoting the sales of these handcrafted pieces, made so genuinely with clay and sensitive feelings of the persons with disabilities.

Says the staff, “Our PWDs make such beautiful pieces, we feel proud to display them for sale. We strive the whole day and are able to sell all the beautiful pieces, within no time. The impeccable manual care and designing done by the PWDs catches eyes of one and all. Often, we easily fetch prices above our minimum expectations, during the festive seasons. Bulk orders are also rendered, and women are very attracted to the efforts that our PWDs put in these illuminating pieces.”