Tea Packaging Goodricke Tea Venture

The Shelter Workshop initiative operational since 2012, is a promising road ahead and is giving hope to the PWDs. We have 3 trades in it –Tea Packaging unit, Paper Bags project and Terracotta Diya making project.

Govindpura-based Goodricke launched its ‘Tea Packaging Unit’ under its ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ initiative for mentally challenged people, in 2013. Since then, the unit is being supported by Digdarshika. Our 30 PWDs are working in it. They have varied  disabilities like MR, HI (Hearing Impaired) and MR + CP.

Mentally challenged people are employed in this unit and they have been given special training in tea packaging. In order to spread awareness and concern about various mental disabilities and day to day challenges faced by mentally challenged children and adults, the company, had launched ‘Ummeed Ka Pyala’ – a unique campaign. The campaign was supported by Bollywood film director Anurag Basu. Under the campaign, a canter was flagged off from Bhopal and it travelled across four cities and 16 towns of Madhya Pradesh over a period of two months. Cups of tea were served from the canter at a price of `1. The amount received from campaign was handed over to Digdarshika.

The packed tea packets are dispensed back to Goodricke company. Our PWDs are making an earning out of it in the range of 3000 to 5000 INR. The tea packing venture is giving the PWDs dignity, satisfaction and self-confidence. The parents of such PWDs are feeling at peace. And, all this is bringing happiness into the lives of every staff, volunteer, intern, student and teacher – who are working tirelessly for inclusiveness, and are associated with Digdarshika’s Inclusive Journey day in and day out.

Elaborating on Goodricke Tea Packaging unit — It  is such a wonderful opening for our special children. They are able to become self-reliant, thanks to the Goodricke venture – which is making these PWDs become a major mover in mainstream. Goodricke company, under their CSR initiative, has installed a Tea Packaging Plant for our special children above 18 years.