Early Intervention & School REadiness Skill Traning Centre

It give me immense pleasure that children between ages 0 to 10 in our premises can take teaching and training according to their needs and abilites so that they can make better use of the competencies.

Purpose of this project-

  • Personal Care
  • Phyical treatment
  • Speech therapy / treatment
  • Yoga and physical exercises
  • Promoting functional learing & social skills
  • Sports & entertainment activites

Vocational Training/ Day Care Unit

Children above the age of 10 years, who have mental disabilities, get admission here, to give them different training, opportunities and special affection to connect them in the mainstream society and fulfil their objective of overall development so that they can feel lifewell. Towards fulfillingthe objectives of vocational skills training centre, we trainees-

  • Provide training to be self-reliant.
  • Provide training to develop skills for the appropriate occupation.
  • Training to make terracotta decorations, soft toys, rakhis, paper bags etc. Along with this, we also try to give training for office assistance, work at thetele phone booth and related employment.
  • Opportunities to appear in class 5th /8th examinations are also provided to people with mild intellectual disabilities through an open school.
  • Special training is provided for participation in national and international Special Olympic and Olympic competitions.
  • Students are trained and allowed to express through various disciplines of art during summer vacation for their overall development.