The Shelter Workshop initiative operational since 2012, is a promising road ahead and is giving hope to the PWDs. We have 3 trades in it –Tea Packaging unit, Paper Bags project and Terracotta Diya making project.

Paper Bags Making is a project under our Rehabilitation enterprise, where Persons with Disabilities are involved in manufacturing of Paper Bags for the community. The special needs of these persons has not stood on the way of their skills, and the PWDs have taken up the craft work of Paper Bags Making, into a full fledged occupational livelihood.

There are PWDs who belong to varied types of disabilities, who have adopted their life structure into this rehab, and find satisfaction in seeing their effort bloom into the shape of Paper Bags, which are utility carry bags for community. The PWDs take immense pride in being able to protect the environment from the menace of plastic poly bags, and thus the PWDs are contributing significantly in their own way, in environment protection, cleanliness and bio-degradable waste management at a large scale.